Professional Carpet Cleaning

JC Carpet Care LLC

Professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning for the Rogue Valley. 

Rotary Extraction Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Professional rotary and wand extraction powered by high pressure solution and powerful water lift resulting in cleaner carpets with lower dry times. 

Pet Stain Removal

Pet Soil Treatment

We have products for light and scattered pet soil as well as solutions for severe frequent soil.  Safe non-toxic chemicals and sub surface extraction.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Truck mount power in a portable allows us to reach any cleaning site.  We offer flexible scheduling around your business operations as well as simple billing. 

Upholstery and Rug Cleaning

Upholstery and Rug Cleaning

High Quality upholstery and rug cleaning using gentle and powerful pre-sprays and rinse agents leaving the fibers clean and soft to the touch.  No sticky residue left behind.

Latest Reviews

Michelle G. of Medford

Not only did they fit me in quickly. They made sure to spray their pet urine remover everywhere since I have a small dog with anxiety. Got every spot so thoroughly and now my house smells amazing! Plus the price is awesome đź‘Ś Thanks so much

Shelly R. of Medford

Very Professional, prices are very competitive and the work is amazing, beyond my expectations. Highly Recommend.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for residential and business clients in Southern Oregon's Rogue Valley. 

Have you ever been less than satisfied with a professional carpet cleaning job that you paid for? Are you tired of trying to clean your own carpet with home shampoo machines and rentals that only mask the soil temporarily?  At JC Carpet Care LLC, we understand and striving for the cleanest possible carpets using the best industry standards is what we offer.  We provide professional carpet cleaning for residential and business clients in the Medford area.  JC Carpet Care LLC uses safe and powerful non-toxic products of the highest quality. We also offer upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, and pet stain and odor treatment.  We started in the carpet cleaning industry in 2018 and founded JC Carpet Care LLC in 2021. We are a family owned and operated company serving the Rogue Valley.  Our approach to carpet cleaning is simple and straightforward while simultaneously being thorough and scientific.  What does this mean, well carpet cleaning and its sub services such as upholstery and rug cleaning is a process that involves a lot more than just shampooing carpets or blasting it with hot water and suction.  If you have ever tried these methods at home with home carpet shampoo machines or other similar methods, you probably noticed that the carpet was re-soiling very quickly and potentially had a sticky residue feeling to it if not a bad odor as well.  These are just 3 of the adverse results of cleaning carpet without proper extraction equipment and chemistry.  Different types of carpet fiber will hold onto oils and dirt in different ways so identifying the type of carpet fiber is important to how you will clean the carpet. With extraction cleaning, which is what we do, a pre-spray is chosen based on the fiber type and the soil needs and a booster is added if needed.  This is just a part of pre-conditioning; spotters may need to be used as well as application of browning treatment and or pet stain removal products and others for various purposes.  Once the pre-conditioners are in the carpet, they will be agitated deeper into the carpet during the dwell time.  This is done with a counter rotating brush machine or a simple carpet rake. Once the pre-conditioning is complete the extractor will power a cleaning tool providing incredible amounts of suction “water lift” and air flow “cfm”.  The head will glide over the carpet with high pressure jets ranging from 220 psi to 500 psi that will blast the carpet with a low ph. rinse right before the vacuum head glides over it.  The rinse will flush the pre-conditioners out along with the soil and contaminants while the vacuum head pulls it up from deep within the carpet leaving it extremely clean and fresh.  The high ph preconditioners have the cleaning power and the low ph rinse will soften the water and neutralize the ph leaving the fibers softer and cleaner without that instant re-soiling problem.  Without professional carpet cleaning equipment, the same result cannot be achieved, this process above should be the same or similar for all extraction professional cleaners, but the products may vary.  JC Carpet Care LLC uses the best products "safe and non toxic chemicals" in the industry, and we do not pass that increased cost along to our customer, we feel that repeat business is the best value of any service.  If you would like us to assess your carpet cleaning needs and give you a free estimate for a thorough carpet cleaning with low dry time then please contact us via Phone, Email, or Text.   

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